Hello. My name is Leah and this is my blog, Spiritual Badass.

It all started with the question, “What the hell am I waiting for in life?

I’m thirty-something and unmarried. No kids. Fabulous friends. Adorable dog. Lovely family. Incredible career. Creativity to burn. And I’ve spent most of my years waiting…For what? The “perfect” job? A detailed life plan? HIM to arrive?

Turns out, there is no there there, as Dorothy Parker once said. There is no magic wand, no checklist to complete, no destination to pursue. There is only the present moment, exactly as it is, and what happens in the present moment IS MY LIFE. An even more radical realization: My life needs nothing added, nothing subtracted, to be whole and perfect. Neither do I. Everything is as it should be right now.

To me, this is the essence of being a Spiritual Badass: Embracing this one, gorgeous life I’ve been given, being the most authentic Leah I can possibly be and offering my experience, strength and hope to other folks I meet along the way.

This blog is about my journey. Tell me about yours at spiritualbadass@gmail.com.

Growth is a Leap in the Dark